Greenwood is a perpetual care municipal cemetery established by the City of Petoskey, Bear Creek Township and Resort Township.  Because it is a municipal cemetery we serve anyone who may choose Greenwood as the final resting place for their loved ones.

The rolling hills and wooded areas cover more than 100 acres - many of those acres with a view of Little Traverse Bay. Greenwood shares this beautiful habitat with whitetail deer, turkeys, rabbits, squirrels and other wildlife.

The Board and staff of Greenwood Cemetery take great pride in the work they do by providing a special place for family and friends to remember their loved ones. The cemetery is a special place where we can pause from the hustle of everyday life and spend a few moments looking back, remember ancestors, reflect on the many community founders, meditate, or spend time walking through the well-maintained, beautiful grounds.

The following poem speaks to our feelings about the importance of a cemetery.

This is a Cemetery

Lives are commemorated - deaths are recorded - families are reunited - memories are made tangible - and love is undisguised.

This is a Cemetery

Communities accord respect - families bestow reverence - historians seek information and our heritage is therefore enriched

Testimonies of devotion, pride and remembrance are carved in stone to pay warm tribute to accomplishments and to life - not death - of a loved one. The cemetery is a homeland for family memorials that are a sustaining source of comfort to the living.

A cemetery is a history of people - a perpetual record of yesterday and a sanctuary of peace and quiet today.

A Cemetery exists because every life is worth loving and remembering - always.

(Poem written by Mary Lou Brannon in the 1970s)

The above poem is a good reminder to us that a cemetery is not merely a holding place for bodies we have no idea what to do with otherwise. A cemetery is for the living. A cemetery offers a place for the living to grieve, to remember, to contemplate, to heal and to plan for the future. A cemetery is a place where we connect with the past, learning from those that have gone before us. A cemetery is a place where we pause from our busy lives to question whether all of that busyness really matters as much as living a life that will later be memorialized not only in stone but in the lives of those that follow.