Traditional Burial Plots

Greenwood has many acres of available burial spaces.  The Board has been very wise in purchasing adjoining land as it came available.  Within those available acres are many choices.  Some like a view of the Bay while others want to see farmland.  Some want to have plenty of shade while others want the sun to shine on their site.  We can accommodate each of those wishes.

Quite often customers will say, “I won’t care about a view of the Bay when I am dead.”  And they won’t.  But their loved ones will.  Little Traverse Bay, with its ever-changing colors (even white) is an integral part of living in our corner of Northern Michigan.  I have heard people, who have left Petoskey for another part of the country, say, “I don’t miss anything about Petoskey except the Bay.”  Well I hope they miss more than that but we are drawn to the beauty of the Bay with its ‘million dollar sunsets.’

Greenwood, due to its location, has some of the nicest views of the Bay that you will find in Petoskey.  But for those who like a different view, we have that as well.

Some couples choose a single gravesite and bury two cremations on one site.  Other couples choose a family lot so many generations can be together.  Whatever your choosing, contact us to see if we can help you with that choice.