Newspapers In The Petoskey Region

1873 to 1952

Written by D. Myers and R. Lambert – Grade 11

From Many Moons – A publication of the Petoskey Public Schools in 1952, the year of Petoskey's Centennial.

In the winter of 1873 R.H. Little started Petoskey’s first newspaper, The Petoskey Weekly Times.  The paper did not come out, however, until August of 1874 because of lack of type and paper.  It lasted only one edition and was printed on paper whose dimensions were 4 ½ by 5 ½ and was printed on first and third pages only.

The first permanent newspaper in Emmet County was The Emmet County Democrat, which was started in 1875 and printed on an old Washington handpress.  It was published for a few months in the back of a store and then was moved to a building sixteen by eighteen feet in size, this building stood on Petoskey Street just south of the present Post Office.  The paper occupied that building for some time and then moved to Mitchell Street.

In 1878 The Emmet County Independent was started in what is now Harbor Springs.  Charles S. Hampton, who had served as the principal of the first graded school in Petoskey was editor and proprietor.  During the summer of 1883 the publisher issued a six-column daily paper called the Daily Resorter.

In December of 1887, the Independent was moved to Petoskey and consolidated with the Democrat.  Soon after C.E. Churchill entered Mr. Hampton’s employ and in April 1900, with E.R. Goldsmith, he bought the paper.  In 1902 they made it a year-round daily called The Petoskey Evening News and Resorter.  Mr. Goldsmith died in 1904. In 1905 the daily’s name was changed to the Independent Democrat.

In 1878 James Buckley started The Petoskey Record but it changed hands many times during its lifetime.  It was purchased by Mr. Churchill, owner of the Democrat in 1911.

Mr. Churchill died in 1916 and the paper was bought by D.H. Hinkley, C.E. Garvin, H. Burr, and H. Lee North.  Following Mr. Hinkley’s death, his son, Art Hinkley, entered the company.  Recently Mr. Hinkley purchased Mr. Garvin’s interests and is now associated with Mr. Lee and Mr. North in publishing The Petoskey Evening News.

The youngest newspaper in northern Michigan is the Northern Michigan Review started in 1934 under the title of the Northern Michigan Shopping Guide.  The first edition was nine by twelve inches in size, consisting of four columns.  William F. Schaller, owner and manager of the company is editor and his son Albert is assistant editor and office manager.

In 1935 the paper was enlarged to five columns on a twelve by eighteen inch sheet.  The name of the paper was changed to The Northern Michigan Review on November, 1936.  Since this time The Review has continued to have pictures from its own photoengraving department.

The standard sized page with eight columns was first used on March 11, 1937.  Later that year in November the paper was entered as second class mail.  In 1939, the Review located on Howard Street.

From the 1883 History of the Grand Traverse Region

The Petoskey Record, Petoskey, Emmet county, was established by George Mosher and James Buckley, June 20, 1878.  It was afterward successively the property of Mosher & Gibson, Mosher & Pray, Mosher & McManus, George Mosher, Mosher & Freeman, and finally, April 1, 1883 passed into the hands of J.C. Bontecou.  From a seven column folio it has been enlarged to a six column quarto.  Politics, republican.

The Northern Independent, Harbor Springs, Emmet county, formerly the Emmet County Independent, was established by Charles S. Hampton, in 1878.  For the first three years Benton Bement had an interest in it, but Mr. Hampton has always conducted the editorial department.  At the beginning of the fifth volume, when the name was changed, it was enlarged from a seven to an eight column folio.  The Independent is national in politics, advocating what is popularly known as the greenback policy.  During the summer of 1883, the Daily Resorter, a six column folio daily, was published by Mr. Hampton in connection with the Independent.  The printing of the Independent has always been done at home.