Greenwood Cemetery owns and maintains 105+ acres.  Approximately 80 of those acres are mowed and trimmed regularly - the remainder is woods or hills.  There are have been more than 15,000 burials made in Greenwood since its inception in 1875.

The aerial photo was taken in 2008 and many trees have been planted since that time.  We normally plant 40-80 3" diameter trees per year.  

The cemetery has over 1,000 trees including maple, birch, beech, spruce, white pine, flowering crabs, plums, and pears.  We also care for a rare Copper Beech which rises majestically in the central part of the cemetery.  Sadly, a few of the older trees are maturing and need to be removed but we are planting many more than we have to cut.  We are committed to the beauty and stability that a stately tree offers.

Our staff includes both full and part-time employees that help care for the grounds and buildings while handling approximately 100 burials each year.  In addition the staff maintains the following:

10,000+ markers
Thousands of shrubs
35,000+ feet of water line
4.4 miles of paved road
2.4 miles of non-paved roads
1.6 miles of chain link fence
In-ground irrigation

Current Board Members are:

Gordon Coffin, Board Secretary, representing the City of Petoskey
Suzanne Coveyou, Treasurer, representing Resort Township
James Hempstead, Member, representing the City of Petoskey
Joe Hoffman, Member, representing Bear Creek Township