Calendar of Events ~ 2021

January 1 - New Year's Holiday

March 1 - Winter items (wreaths, grave blankets) removed and disposed of  by Cemetery.  We allow one week after the gates are opened for the non-winter months for the items to be removed before pick them up.

April 1 - Trinkets, small statuary, wind chimes, etc. may be placed on lot (must be in a flower bed or flower pot)

April 1 - Flower pots turned upright by Cemetery crew

May 1 - Water faucets turned on.  This is the target date but is affected by the weather and work schedules.

May 20 - Flags placed on veteran's graves by the Petoskey High School Baseball Team.

May 20 (Approximate) - Last day before Memorial Day that the Cemetery crew will plant shrubbery on individual lots.  We normally plant shrubbery on request but cannot commit to planting this week.  After Memorial Day we will again plant upon requested.

May 31 - Memorial Day Holiday (Observed)

July 4 - Holiday

  September 6 - Labor Day Holiday

September 15 (Approximate) - Flags removed from veteran's graves (Flags are sometimes left longer if they are in very good shape)

October 1 - Trinkets, small statuary, wind chimes, etc. will be removed from lot by Cemetery crew. Items will NOT be saved.

October 15 (Approximate) - Water faucets turned off for winter months.  This is affected by weather and sometimes must be completed sooner.

November 1 - Flower pots tipped over by Cemetery crew to prevent winter freezing and breaking .

November 25-26 - Thanksgiving Holiday

November 25 - First day that wreaths and grave blankets may be placed in the Cemetery.

November 29 - Last day for Wreath Across America donations for 2021

  December 18 - Wreaths Across America wreath placement day.

December 24-25 - Christmas Holiday

January 1, 2021 - New Year's Holiday