We take great pride in the veterans buried at Greenwood.  Some of them are our grandpas, dads, moms or sisters.  We strive to honor them with flags in the summer and with wreaths in the winter each year.


On March 25, 2017, the official count of veterans buried in Greenwood was as follows:

Mexican-American War - 3
Civil War - 290
Spanish-American - 24
WWI - 290
WWII - 657
Korean Conflict - 171
Vietnam - 74
Iraqi Freedom - 1
Desert Storm - 1
Persian Gulf - 1
Veteran - 136
Total - 1,562

Toll Park - this was established by Greenwood Cemetery to honor those veterans interred in Greenwood who do not have a marker or who are buried here in an unknown location.  Their names are inscribed on the tablets of this memorial.

It is sad when someone's grave goes unmarked for decades, it is even more sad when that man or woman was a veteran.  With our Wreaths Across America program we hope to have a wreath on every veteran's grave whether they have a marker or not.

Let us not forget their willingness to sacrifice.

American Legion Park - this was established for memorials to be placed for WW-II soldiers who were killed overseas but their bodies were never brought home.  This park was funded by a joint effort between the American Legion and Greenwood Cemetery.

Each Memorial Day the American Legion holds a short service at this park before the day's festivities begin with parades and such.  It is a time to honor their memory and to let the families of these veterans know that we still care.

G.A.R. Park - This park was established by Greenwood Cemetery and the WRC (Woman's Relief Corp) to honor the Civil War veterans.  The WRC presented the memorial in this park on May 30, 1889.

The G.A.R. or the Grand Army of the Republic fought in the Civil War on the side of the North.  204 veterans of that conflict are buried in Greenwood.  Some came back to be very successful in business and some suffered the 1800s equivalent of PTSD and were never able to fit back into society.  Nevertheless, we honor each of them here at Greenwood.

G.A.R. Lot - The GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) purchased various lots around the Cemetery to inter the bodies of Civil War veterans who had no family in the area.  This is one of those lots.

Because there were many veterans of the Civil War that were alone when they passed away, short of funds and far from their birthplace, the G.A.R. bought cemetery lots for their burial.  One veteran taking care of another.  This particular lot is quite close to the G.A.R. Park.